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It's been a while...

Posted by WinterStorm - December 2nd, 2020

So I made a flash series years ago called Sonic Reversal, it's recently regained my attention, and I'd like to give it a proper eulogy, even if it is over a decade overdue. It's wild seeing something I made in my spare time in high school have the impact that it did, no matter how small that impact may have been. I actually almost cried looking at comments on Twitter and YouTube about it. I'm sorry I never gave the proper closure I should've. I never continued the series because I graduated high school, life got in the way, and I just lost my passion for it. That doesn't excuse the lack of communication, I guess. It's not much, but this series is a part of my own past and a part of flash history. I'd like to at least give a proper eulogy, even if it is over a decade late. To that end, I'd like to at least post what I had done with episode 4, along with a little info on a different project I'm working on. I really appreciate everyone's love for these animations I made so long ago, and I'm feeling less embarrassed about how they turned out! It's with that motivation that I'm hoping my next project I can leave an indelible mark on those that need it! In the meantime, you can check out my insta @inappropriatejester and Twitter @The_Great_Derp. I don't post often, but it's there. Maybe I'll share updates on my project there? Anyway, y'all have a good day, and I'm glad I could bring some smiles!



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Hi WinterStorm.
There are people like me who are still looking around your profile every once in a while.
Indeed your series was a cool project. 12 years ago I and my friend got inspired by it so much. We are still looking around for news to see if something new appeared here, we started wondering what might have happened to you.

It is cool that I got to at least see this post.

We... or I at least, hope to see more content from you. I'm a bit confused, will you be releasing anything regarding ep 4 or it is canceled?

About 12 years ago, I remember the part when Sonic was down for the count and Shadow was preparing the finishing move, when KNUX showed up with that PUNCH... I and my friend FREAKED out literally, I still remember that reaction altogether with goosebumps. Great series!

Hi there! Episode 4 is cancelled. I'm just working on posting what I had done to my own youtube channel. The camera was intended to be interactive, so it's a bit cumbersome trying to translate that to hard video!

I really appreciate your kind words! It was honestly a project I did in my spare time in high school and just lost my passion for as being an adult took over my life. I enjoyed and appreciated the popularity the series had and always felt like I never gave it the proper closure by officially cancelling it.

As far as my own project goes, it's going to be original content, so no Sonic Reversal for now, but if the mood strikes me I may just reboot the series. I've got some ideas, but don't expect anything on that unless I actually announce it!

Anyway, y'all have a good day!

Followed you on Instagram.

I'm super excited that the series has regained your attention after so many years! I always find myself coming back and re-watching your work to regain motivation myself. I also got caught up in life after high school. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store. Also I will follow your Twitter and Instagram.

Did you have a plan for how the rest of the story was going to go? Be cool to know how it all would have went down.