Programs I use...

2008-11-29 15:28:03 by WinterStorm

Here are a list of programs I use to make my flash animations:

I mostly use the Macromedia Studio 8. It includes Flash Professional 8, Fireworks 8, and Dreamworks 8. I don't use Dreamworks for my series, though. Dreamworks is for making websites. Flash Professional 8 is, of course, the main program used to make the animations. Fireworks is what I use to make the backgrounds of the sprite sheets transparent. I also use Fireworks to make original pictures. I also use Microsoft Paint. What a surprise, huh? That's how I make my custom sprites. I also use Audacity and Sound Recorder. Audacity to raise and lower the pitch of different sounds, and to convert it to WAV format, and Sound Recorder to loop the music tracks I use in my animations. I might have some more programs I use, but that's all that I can come up with for now.

I might later repost this, so as to make it on the front page.


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2008-11-29 16:46:26

Interesting way of making flash. Never knew you would use MS paint

WinterStorm responds:

It doesn't play a big part, but it's still pretty important.


2008-11-29 17:06:13

Alright, looks like I got to find those programs.


2008-11-29 22:51:09

Ah, you use Audacity in your animations! I love the open-source community. <3

WinterStorm responds:

Nothin' better, huh?


2008-11-30 11:38:28

Interesting, very interesting....


2008-11-30 12:47:55

Nothing better than the open-source community.

In fact, you could try to use GIMP instead of MS Paint for drawing, if you haven't already. It's almost as powerful as Photoshop, but it's free and open-source.

WinterStorm responds:

Sorry, but that's what Fireworks is for.


2008-12-04 15:01:49

Aha! Thanks for sharing that Fireworks bit. When I trace bitmap, the sprtes always come out blurry in the symbols. Thanks a bunch!


2008-12-05 10:05:06

Dude, where can i get flash from??? it looks so cool i want to make my own movies too, you got to tell me where i can get it from. if you know where reply back plzz

WinterStorm responds:

The flash program is not free. Flash alone can cost hundreds of dollars.


2008-12-06 19:33:38

How much then does it cost then


2008-12-06 21:01:16

$600. $250 if you're a student.


2008-12-13 06:05:10

Hey can i ask you something?Can you made a video with how you made flash movies with sonic?I want to get an idea how to make a flash movie so please answer me.


2008-12-13 07:19:23

i realy hope you get frontpage :D


2008-12-17 16:07:11

Yeah, I can certainly understand why you use Fireworks, as you (likely) paid good money for it. It's actually a good program.

Just remember people - if you're strapped for cash, download GIMP, but if you have money to burn, get Fireworks or Photoshop.


2008-12-20 21:15:29

You should stop obsessing over getting front page. You Flash gets good ratings and that should be good enough

WinterStorm responds:

If you've got a goal in life, you want to chase it! You don't want to settle for mediocrity, you want to get to the top; be the very best! I'm not going to give up my chase! I'm going to impress, and I'm not going to look at anything less than front page; and I've got an ace up my sleeve to help with that!


2008-12-29 11:28:11

cool, i saw ep: 3. so cool. i was wondering if i could use your metal sonic sprites


2009-01-13 12:06:01

Er can you help me? i'm a spriter beginer and i was wondering how how come your file size is only 9.5mb for your part 3 when i do a small flash and its comes out over 11 mb :S how to you make the filesize smaller basically. please and thank you :)

(Updated ) WinterStorm responds:

This may help: udio


2009-01-13 16:24:14

new quiz


2009-01-19 00:13:32



2009-01-28 08:11:08

When will Episode 4 come out?