Frequently Asked Questions

2009-03-18 18:34:41 by WinterStorm

I'm getting kind of annoyed about the PMs I keep getting asking me the same thing. So here's a news post that will hopefully resolve that.

Q. How do I do this in flash?
A. Look at the tutorials on Newgrounds. That's how I learned.

Q. Will you be my teacher?
A. No. I got other things I have to do.

Q. Will you join this (insert whatever here)?
A. Most likely not. As stated before, I've got other things to do. My skill with drawing is still lacking as well, so I still need to get a grip on that.

Q. When is (insert episode here) coming out?!
A. Can't tell ya that. Even I don't know when I'm gonna finish it.

Q. What programs do you use?
A. Macromedia Flash and Fireworks, Paint, Audacity, Sound Recorder, and of course, the internet. Flash is what makes the animation, Fireworks is like a photoshop program, paint I use to make custom sprites, Audacity I use to convert music files to WAV format, Sound Recorder I use to loop the songs, and the internet... obvious reasons.

Q. Will you use my character?
A. No. I'm only going to stick to the official Sonic characters.

Q. What's this song?
A. The songs are in the credits, in order of which they appear in the flash.

If there are any other questions I missed, I'll probably get PMed about it, and I'll end up posting it here. Once again, the same questions over and over again get annoying, so unless it's important, please don't PM me.


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2009-03-19 20:43:42

my bad on hitting you up so much i just see how well put together your flashes are and just want to learn a lil from somebody more advanced than i thanks for the quick q and a tho


2009-03-20 05:06:38

*sigh* Appearantly ppl never learn do they? Bugging the Author w/ questions/suggesstions about there Flash or Flash series will just pro-long the time it takes for the next eps. to come out and just angers/irratates the hell out of said Author to where they may not feel like doing the series anymore; or they'll be to pissed to focus on the quality of said series. Have we not learnt ANYTHING from the incident w/ Alvin-EarthWorm and the " Super Mario Bros. Z " series? ( which if you haven't seen it b4 you REALLY SOULD! It'll literally blow you away! :D )

Well, I may not be a Flash Author but, I still sympathize w/ ya man. I think your doing a terrific job and will wait as long as it takes for the next eps. Keep on keeping on man.


2009-03-21 04:16:58

srry man


2009-03-24 19:12:48


im such an idiot for asking that question


2009-03-25 23:39:01

Whens the next Sonic reversal?

WinterStorm responds:



2009-03-27 23:24:24

I found that last comment kinda funny. Annoyed person is annoyed.


2009-03-29 00:10:23

chadgrza: When is the next episode of Sonic Reversal
Winterstorm: *gunshot*


2009-03-30 10:16:22

dude love ur sonic flashes i hope u make the rest with longer fights and i hope the last fight will be long also

but wut ever ur the writer hope u make more soon keep up the good work


2009-04-08 10:56:06

you forgot"can you put(insert fan made character here)on to the series?"
by the way, can you do that with my character,Vamp the Wolf?
I have alot of pics of him on my userpage posts and Ill pm you his story, and if you dont ill still pm you his story


2009-04-10 22:45:19

i hope u get done on sonic reversal soon but u came still take ur time and take some brakes cause u got to rest ur skills sometimes and great job so far dude


2009-04-11 18:59:05

Remember me? Anyway, good Q&A.

You do know that there are gonna be a-holes who keep asking the same ?, right?

(Updated ) WinterStorm responds:

I know. I just put this up here so that if I continue to get the same questions, I can at least point them to this Q&A.


2009-04-13 15:07:18

Well at least the Q&A is useful for something.

So how's SR4 goin? (not a release ?, just a check-up ? so don't shoot me)


2009-04-20 18:41:29

ahh foolish people are always going to be foolish, they can't seem to grasp that something comes out when it comes out, just leave the animator to his work and leave it at that, enjoy it whenever it's finally released, now...GOOD DAY SIR!


2009-04-22 15:47:34

Must be tough having people ride you all the time.


2009-04-23 05:49:12

Thanks for the Q&A, but I still have a question.

Where did you get your punching sound effects from? Please don't say "google it Noob" because I've acquired thousands of sound effects over the years by either searching on the internet or a different resource. I would certainly would like to add those to my collection. That's all I'm asking, nothing else. please don't get mad at me. If you can't remember were you got them from then don't bother wasting your efforts on me. Thanks!

WinterStorm responds:

I actually recorded some of those sound effects myself, from the Playstation game "Fighter Maker."


2009-04-24 11:55:57

lol, but you cant blame the people. you got awesome flashes, with awesome music


2009-04-24 22:41:45

So how's SR4 goin? (not a release ?, just a check-up ? so don't shoot me)

WinterStorm responds:

Not bad. I'm slowly making progress. I'm almost 50 seconds into the second fight scene.


2009-04-25 14:04:48

Wow, that's good 2 know. Do you have a guesstimate how many eps there will be?


2009-04-27 10:33:20

I feel you man, getting endless PM's about that kind of thing is really frickin annoying. I'm on the same boat on YouTube.


2009-05-15 23:10:27

I spy with my lil' eyes. Some thing with the fansite.


2009-05-21 23:37:03



2009-05-30 11:34:15

you use paint?

thats not healthy man.


2009-06-02 04:46:44

Guess people never learn, but oh well your flashes are good, people just misunderstand that they can't just expect to learn it from somebody else but learn it on there own, know what I'm sayin'?


2009-06-06 18:19:29

u know wat woud be col, if mario from super maroi bros was in teh vid adn be ridin yoshi lol
in all seriousness i cant wait for the next episode. i wish i had your talent :P