Update on Sonic Reversal and more...

2009-06-19 11:23:25 by WinterStorm

Please forgive me people, but my life's been getting in the way. I haven't worked at all in the past few months on my fourth episode, and the progress I HAVE made on it isn't all that impressive. Maybe things will look better for me after I get out of this depressive slump, but right now, there are things that I just can't get my mind off of...

In any case, there's a couple more updates to inform you on. One of our fellow newgrounders has made a fansite for Sonic Reversal (a completely new one), located here. There's a forum located within the site, where you can chat amongst yourselves. Personally, I've never really used a forum site for anything but RPing, but that's just me...

Anyway, for those of you who have my Brawl code, I want to reiterate that it got changed when I wiped my data, so if you have the first code I put up, please change it to this:

Brawl Code: 5413-2152-1308

And for those of you who have the new Fire Emblem for DS (the one with Marth in it (yes, I'm such a Marth whore (he's my best character in SSBM & SSBB T_T))), here's my friend code for that game, for challenging each other online:

FE Shadow Dragon Code: 098992215300

With that, I don't think I have anything else interesting to say, other than I'm sorry for ignoring my flash series these past few months...


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2009-06-19 11:34:08

Hey keeping up on your flash is important and all but life is life and you only have one of those so be like(and I can't believe I'm saying this) Alvin Earthworm and animate in your spare time. Sorry if the Alvin Earthworm thing made you mad. >_<

WinterStorm responds:

Don't worry about it. I'm willing to take any advice right now.


2009-06-19 12:29:58

I agree with z3rozx. As much as I'd enjoy to see the next installment of your series, I can wait on it. Sure, flash is important, though only as a hobby. If there's other things in life you want to do, then this is completely fine. Nobody's forcing you to do this. So take my advice: Live life however you choose! I'll happily wait as long as I need to for the next episode, so no worries! Just enjoy your life.

WinterStorm responds:

Thank you. That's the best thing I've heard lately.


2009-06-19 13:44:41

No problems, if you have to deal with stuff in life, put the hobbies elsewhere for awhile. Only an idiot would demand more entertainment from a random person. Like others, I'm willing to wait for the next episode as long as it takes, this is a great series with amazingly detailed fights, and an expanding plot as times goes on. All the best qualities a movie can have :D

Just take it easy and get comfortable in your life before you settle down to make flash if you have to, just like SkullSmasher said, nobody's forcing you to do anything.


2009-06-19 16:18:23

Dude, I thought you had quit! Nice to hear you're back on task, looking forward to your next episode!


2009-06-19 19:16:20

Do NOT let the little things get to you. Once you do, you'll be spinning down very very fast. Stand your ground, and protect yourself.

Also looking forward to more of your stuff.


2009-06-19 21:13:13

Hey, don't sweat it. We all had a lot of busy work to do this time of the year, and most of us know how you feel. Flash is a lot of work; a lot of us has experienced it, (since it's a lot of work)so there's no hard feelings. Good luck getting out of that depressing slump and have an awsome summer. :)

P.S.: Many of my friends are Marth whores as well in Super Smash Breos. games (not to mention Ike whores)




2009-06-19 21:51:17

IT doesn't matter cause everyone understands that threre are many trhings to do in life like education. We know that in the summer you may have plenty of time to work on it. Good luck man.


2009-06-20 16:47:53

Good to see you after a couple of months. I forgive you. At least you hhad a reason and you weren't slacking off. I hope you make SR4 soon. ^_^


2009-06-28 12:33:40

Man! I REALLY like your flashes! It's so.. awesome!!! And the 4 episode NOW!!! (lol)


2009-07-03 13:27:30

Hey, could I add you on Brawl? xD

Rise above depression Winterstorm. It's okay that you haven't been working on your 4th episode, we can wait for that. Get your life back on track before you do anything else. Take as much time as you need. Flash is only for like entertainment really, (unless it's work related) so it's not something that must be done, you're just showing your creative work and keeping anyone who sees this excited, inspired and such. Take a break, be happy, live a little ^^


2009-07-05 11:34:44

Hey I'll brawl againt ya if you want!
Pm me if you want my code!


2009-07-08 21:22:01

Dude, with your kind of work, I can wait.
hope your feeling better.


2009-07-10 16:00:52

Do you have a appication called mybrute. Comment me back on my profile.


2009-07-10 16:16:31

I was wondering dude do youhave an itouch or an iphone if you do. Do you have an appication called mybrute?, comment me back on my profile.


2009-08-03 16:05:30

Don't worry, we can wait. But if you're depressed and your life is in the way, it's no problem.


2009-08-14 14:39:49

Dude,we can wait.Your stuff is so awesome we can be patient enough to wait for it.


2009-08-19 04:33:38

hey i just recently watched the series and i grew up on sonic and unlike other flashes and major movies (transformers andg.i.joe) you did the old series justice. take ur time on the final one i know its gonna be just as epic as the past few. well written and amazing flashes. good job. cant wait for the last one, best of luck


2009-08-23 19:32:16

Awsome episodes.PLEASE make more or we will all die!


2009-08-27 04:10:58

So, does this mean we will be saying good-bye to your series? Aww....well at least I know what's been keeping you. Dang it! You were one of my top favorite artist too! But your still are. Your sprite movies brought inspiration to me as well. I hope that means something to you. But to simply express my feelings through a monitor isn't just quite enough.

Maybe the answer you're looking for to lift that depression off is to find and get a job. A good one too! Hope it goes well with you.


2009-09-16 17:52:15

Just take your time. We, your fans, will understand completely.