H5 Mode My Ass!

2009-12-29 00:27:11 by WinterStorm

Sorry for the crappy screenshots, but look at this shit. I just had to show you guys. This happened when I was playing H5 mode on Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. The above picture is my lone unit's stats (the one that's in the bottom-right corner of the bottom pic), while the bottom picture is what happened in the game. I know the enemies are supposed to kill you, but don't you think that's going a little overboard? :/

H5 Mode My Ass!


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2010-01-04 14:40:03

yere, thats amazing but please can u get on with making sonic reversal 4!


2010-01-05 23:03:49

What Max said.


2010-01-07 22:05:13

Lol, the above two guys are desparate for a new reversal :P

..... but seriously when is it?


2010-01-08 20:18:37

I stopped playing Shadow Dragon a while ago. After my Fire Emblem save got deleted (Not sure which one it was, it starred Lyn); I got discouraged from playing anymore of the games x_x


2010-01-09 00:35:10

Fire Emblem is a pain on the ass, but once you beat that one level, after hourse of restarting and careful, careful planning, it's just sooooo rewarding...

And then you have to do the same thing for 10 more levels.


2010-01-09 06:05:15

Go super saiyin and blast them all in an epic explosion!