Bad Luck? Maybe. That's not like me, though.

2010-02-06 16:06:14 by WinterStorm

So I finally got motivation to work on my IV episode. The problem? The damned power cord to my laptop stopped working! It also doesn't help any that my battery lasts <3 min. (lol less than three).

My advice? Don't get a Toshiba. For a computer that has twice as much ram as the one I'm using now, my laptop can hardly play HD vids at 1 fps, whereas the one I'm using plays it relatively well. I'm thinking it's time to wipe it. Now that I've got a 320 GB external hard drive, I can start saving everything on there, and hopefully keep my laptop's memory relatively clutter-free.

Anyway, I just felt like ranting for a little bit. I feel a bit better now that I've said that. I'll post a new status report when my laptop is usable again. Until then, the only thing I really have to worry about now is work (then, in august, it's TO COLLEGE!).


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2010-02-06 16:20:23

i have no problems in life

WinterStorm responds:

Nor do I.


2010-02-06 17:12:06

That must have been a really hard time for you.

WinterStorm responds:



2010-02-06 18:47:43

Yea toshiba did the same thing to me, it was a sexy laptop...while it lasted Dx


2010-02-06 19:05:11

hay can I help you with sonic reversal im not good with flash but im a god at animating i will show one of my animations if you want me to


2010-02-06 19:36:49

I wanna be one less.
sonic sprite movie.


2010-02-06 19:53:59

omg some one else with the same poblem. i thought i was only one with this problem


2010-02-24 19:35:05

hey!!! u can do it cmon just erase some crappy archives


2010-02-26 23:13:45

Well. now I know to not get a Toshiba laptop! XD


2010-03-07 06:40:02

good to see ya back dude!


2010-04-18 08:18:18

besides waiting for the latest episodes of bleach and other anime i still have to wait for ur flash i hate waiting lol



2010-06-12 13:20:44

of cource its just my luck I hafe a toshiba...
my cord also broke once but managed to get anotherone though