Rethinking things

2010-07-15 16:20:50 by WinterStorm

As more and more time passes, I'm more and more inclined to redo what I've done with episode IV. I was already out of ideas with episode IV, so I just put in whatever came to mind, but I've got an 8 hour job now and attending college. Having to pay attention to these two, I've sort of lost interest in this. I don't think I'll completely ignore it. As I said, I'm inclined to redo what I've done, especially considering the fact that I can draw now. Just figured I'd share my thoughts.


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2010-07-15 18:20:30

Remind me why I haven't come back to Newgrounds in a while *Reads comment below by CrankyMcGregor* -.-

Anyway, I perfectly understand your situation. You've already got major commitments. I just hope there will be a next episode eventually. ;)


2010-07-15 18:34:45

Well, it's a sprite animation about Sonic the hedgehog - your target audience could probably care less about a plot.


2010-07-15 18:46:39

Side views....always look weird... o.o


2010-07-22 20:48:05

Have you tried gainin inspiration by playin games on your free time? That usually helps.


2010-07-26 15:22:25

ahh... never ceases to amuse me when sprite animators always want to change to hand drawn stuff. the simple fact is, your series is popular because of the way you use sprites, which cant be done with hand drawn stuff. most people use dbz style battles, but you made your own style, which is why people like it. what i think you should dois maybe use some hand drawn stuff, like for the up close things like the dramatic moments, where hand drawn stuff expresses the character emotions a lot better than sprites, but than use the sprites for the fights, but throw in some up close battling. but as for your loss of interest in the project, thats natural. you worked on those episodes years ago, at the time that may have been your best effort, but that changed in the past years. remember, dont commit to something you dont want, fans may hate you for it (immature ones) but all your real fans will realize that youve moved on to bigger and better things.

to conclude this slew of things im typing, do what you want, if youd like to work on sonic reversal, do it your way, its your series, throw some hand drawn stuff in it, hell, you can even make it into a fully hand drawn series. if you want to drop the series entirely, drop it. if you dont want to make flash anymore, dont. itd be better that way than to see you make episodes that you either dont want to make, or that are just complete crap cause you dont want to make them anymore. the choice is and always will be, yours. and yours alone.


2010-08-16 02:52:01

Take your time with the flash, we can wait. But don't forget about your flash or your fans. I love your work and am looking forward to the next episode. But again, we can wait.


2010-09-06 13:33:42

I tihnk you've don well with sprites, I think you should continue with them but also add some artistic skills up close liek close to close combat or somthing. You're at college and have a job, its takes time. Focus on schoolwork.


2010-10-24 09:28:49

hello, how are you doing?


2010-12-15 10:48:26

When is Sonic Reversal ep. 4? It has been almost 2 years!


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