Entry #14

Busy With Awesome

2011-04-09 14:08:49 by WinterStorm

So I got the sudden inspiration to make a flash game recently. I don't wanna spoil what the gameplay is like, so you'll have to wait to see. I've gotten too far into this project just to let it sit and rot, though, like many of my other flash projects, so who knows? Maybe this will turn out to be the full story of Sonic Reversal!


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2011-04-24 09:18:11

I have followed you since your first animation, I just rewatched episode 3 and Dude Knuckles is beast! If you ever need help in animation(you can import gif to flash) just tell me.


2011-06-13 15:28:28

Im ready anytime for your new stuff, buddy


2011-06-18 11:42:30

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2011-06-18 12:30:46

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2011-07-24 04:51:49

Please work on Sonic Reversal ep.IV?


2011-08-07 23:53:48

wow you are really good at making a flash


2011-08-23 19:25:22

Like b4, I'm behind you all the way. Really hopin to see what happens to Metal Sonic.

Those tracks in Sonic Reversal II Really got me into Phoenix Wright and I have you to thank for that. :)


2011-10-17 15:24:48

Im so excited now c:


2012-04-15 13:06:31



2012-07-31 14:45:10

Sweet... what's the game called?


2012-10-11 02:44:45

whhen will you make sonic reversal ep. 4


2013-03-22 14:52:39

No you're too busy being gay. Just get the projects done that's an order.


2013-06-29 20:36:26

I can't goddamn wait for that, but seriously? It's taking too long! Has almost two years already!
Ok, maybe you have your things to do, but come on!


2013-12-15 19:58:21

If you're still around I hope you may release something or a journal saying if you plan to continue work on Sonic Reversal or any other projects


2013-12-18 18:46:53

Cool, so wait, is it or is it not about Sonic reversal? And if you don't mind me asking, since that robot looked exactly like sonic, does that mean there are other robots that can look like other characters? Like Knuckles or Tails?